Top 10 US Cities with the Highest Water Hardness Levels

Did you know that the hardness of your water dramatically depends on where you live? The mineral composition of the ground is different depending on which part of the United States that you live. It may be surprising for some to learn that there are places where the water is incredibly hard. That means there are more minerals in it than what can be found elsewhere. Today we’re going to give you the top ten cities with the hardest water. Do you live in one of these cities? If so, then you’re probably using a water softener.

Pensacola, Florida

What’s the first thing you think about when Pensacola, Florida comes to mind. Was it hard water? If so, then you would be right. They also have plenty of other bad things floating around in their water. If you live there, you should consider softening and filtering your water.

San Diego, California

San Diego is arguably one of the most beautiful cities in California. It also has water issues. The water can be quite hard and contaminated also. It’s surprising a city near so much water can have the problems that San Diego does.

Haworth Borough, NJ

This one-time farming community has some serious water issues. Some of them stem from when the city was home to plenty of mining activities. Needless to say, you’re going to want to pay close attention to your water if you live here.

Omaha, Nebraska

You don’t get more mid-west than Omaha. They’re famous for quite a bit more than their steaks. It’s also known they have plenty of water issues. None of those issues in Omaha are the result of the cattle industry.

Indianapolis, IN

You’re heard of Indianapolis due to the Indianapolis 500. You probably have no idea just how hard their water is. Those who live in this Hoosier city know the importance of maintaining their water softening system.

Minneapolis, MN

Minneapolis isn’t the first place you think of when it comes to hard water. They too have their problems with too many minerals in their water. Those who call this city their home aren’t surprised when they see friends and family with water softeners in their basement.

Phoenix, AZ

It’s so surprising that a city near the desert could have problems with hard water. Phoenix does, and it probably comes as a shock to many. It goes to show that even the driest places on earth can have problems with hard water.

Tampa, FL

This is another city near water that has problems with its water supply. Tampa is well known for having hard water. It’s important to note that the water that surrounds Florida is salty and can’t be drank. The minerals in the land are responsible for making the water so hard.

San Antonio, TX

Everything is bigger in Texas. Those who live in San Antonio know that they have a big problem with hard water. San Antonio is a city where softener salt is always in high demand. Don’t be surprised if you visit there someday and see ample supplies being sold at almost everywhere you look.

Las Vegas, NV

Those who go to Las Vegas rarely think about the quality of the water. The hard water here isn’t a concern to most of the tourists. Luckily the casinos take care of it long before it enters into your hotel shower. Anyone who lives there already knows how hard the water is in this city where gambling is king.

Did you find your city on the list?

If not, don’t be surprised that you’re having issues with hard water. It’s a problem that people all over the country face. Though, some locations have a more difficult battle than others. It goes to show that regardless of where you live, water softener systems are a must.